Be one with the moment


If you look around all you see are zombies; they are not present but caught up in a type of stressful worry about the future or the past. Why stress about the future or the past? Isn’t it much easier to be one with the moment? Whenever we think about the future or the past, we are not able to fully appreciate the present moment. This is robbing us of the beautiful treasures that the present moment has for us. It is much better to just flow and be here now.

If you worry about the future then you miss this treasure. Ironically, it’s when you stop worrying that the future improves. The problem is that this worrying has become automatic, it has become the default go-to. It’s hard to stop because we don’t realize we are doing it. So many people have become zombies this way, eating up the treasures of their present moment. Snap out of it!