Pressure, Ambition & Why You Must Give It All Up


I hate to break to you:

Your job is not to be the old you,

the old you is gone forever,

the old any of us is gone forever.

Your job is to be the best version of what you’ve got right now, based on what is around you & the change you seek to make – your dream, vision whatever you call it.

Don’t play covers, do not copy but we need new originals – more than ever in any time of human history.

and it is the people who keep trying to recapture that old thing (that mostly happened because of grace or luck)

that made them bitter and disconnected. (Bitterness is the fruit of ignorance.)

The truth is: Grace or luck it might come back or it might not.

But playing covers, copying and making sequels…

You can do better than that.

Please keep this in your heart:

Never sacrificing the process for the result.

but Do the work & keep making things better.

Seth Godin & Jiazi Li