How Drake Became The Artist Of The Decade


How Drake Became The Artist Of The Decade

One word: Work.

Two words: Work Hard.

Four words: Work All The Time.

He said

“Even if I do a good job, I’ve always wondered how I could have done it better.

To anyone wondering how this have happened, the answer is: being so unsure of how you are getting it done, that you just keep going and with hopes of figuring out the formula.

Meanwhile feeling so lucky and blessed that fear of loosing it keeps you up at night.”

In my eyes this is his Winning Formula:

His professionalism, motivated him constantly learning and analyzing what is going on in the industry;  (Curiosity and quickly adopting the market liking)

he has a group of friends called family, with him & giving him feedback since day one; (Elon Musk called this feedback loop.)

He seems to be grateful, grounded and humble.

If and when ONE PERSON has done so, and we can too. So the question is what is your art & what do you wish to be remember of ?