Daily Reflection


Not Getting What You Want & Always Reflect On Yourself First

“Sometimes getting what you want is just as interesting as not getting what you want.”

Been reflecting on this quote for a little while now,

every day, every morning, and every night.

I failed to live in this state over and over again.

Yet from time to time, I get a glimpse of the beauty of living in this state – Peace.

I recorded another podcast today. It took us almost 70 mins to get the setting right to record.

NO. I took me 70 mins to found out that I made a mistake in the setting. While this whole time I thought there was something wrong with the guest’s setting.

This beautiful experience has reminded me again: You learn nothing from life if you think you’re right all the time.

I am also grateful for the guest, she is amazing and didn’t mind much about my mistake. We had a great time after all. (Podcast publishing Every Thursday.)