A Holiday Special From Our Hearts


“When the consciousness is impregnate with the Christ Intelligence, one sees that intelligence as the reflection of God manifesting in everything. But when the Creative Vibration of the outgoing externalization of God’s consciousness is enshrouded in maya, the true Essence of manifestation is hidden.”

“The nature of this Christ magnetism is God’s Love — His eternal caring and watchfulness of the greatest and the tiniest of His manifestations, never allowing them to wander outside of His sheltering presence.”

Human is the soul, the True/Higher-self, made in the image of God (an individualized reflection of God), which express itself in the manifested universe through the instrumentality of a body and a mind. The bodily instrument is a collective vibration of grossly stirring atoms, electromagnetic waves, and intelligent life force (subtle vital energy, finer than electrons). The mental faculty consists of both sensory instruments (of perception and action) and discriminative intelligence (which interprets sensory information and makes determinations regarding knowledge and action.) The soul, while dwelling within the body, becomes identified with its physical and mental experiences and forgets its divine nature; it masquerades instead as the body-circumscribed ego, the pseudo soul. Inner work such as letting go, yoga and meditation enable the soul to regain the memory of its oneness with the omniscient, omnipresent Spirit.

-Paramahansa Yogananda

Excerpt from The Second Coming of Christ : The Resurrection of the Christ Within You